Friday, April 19, 2013

Out and about....Tweed Run 2013 Vintage Rascal

Vintage Racsal turned up and did a fashion shoot while everyone was gathering for the run. They asked us not to take pictures but they had just walked four handsome men into the mix. What was a girl to do.
I am moving home today. Of all the services that I have moved across to the new house the only one that has been problematic is British Telecom. They say moving is stressful. I would say my biggest stress has been with them. Because of them I don't know when I will be able to post next. So please bear with me during this interruption to service.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Out and about....Tweed Run London 2013 part 1

On Saturday the London 2013 Tweed Run took place. At 9.30 am those who were lucky enough to have secured their place began to gather on the Quadrant. It was a magnificent turn out of the beautifully dressed and with their flying machines (bicycles). I have so many images to show you and wanted to make a start. So am kicking of the story and a taste of what is to come with these images of Simon Ash who was the Head Marshall for the day.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Out and about....its looking like spring may have sprung

Kusuma Arunanmdchan

Julianna Kurokuwa

Candice Burrow

Tia Hassan

Carla Rigu

It is transitional still for sure but it is so good to see colour, floaty dresses and shorts again even if it is with cosy tights and jumpers. Bring it on. These are part of my weekly Street Chic for Vogue. You can use this link to see more.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Out and about....silver sunshine

You know what sometimes it not about the clothes but all about the person. Evon walked past with her friend and I thought wow, wow. But did nothing. 2 minutes later she passed again and I thought OK you know what, this person is a gift. She was just too beautiful to let go a second time. As I have been shooting a lot of Street Beauty Evon is a perfect fit. When we started chatting it was quickly apparent that we were both Irish women. Embarrassingly though when she spoke to me in Irish I could not respond in like. Instead of telling me her story she said if I googled her I would find it online as she is a singer/songwriter. I have taken her story from her site here. It is very moving so please read on.
Evon Brennan was brought to Ireland at two months old with her twin sister and placed in Religious care because her mum was Irish, unmarried and Father African. It was not a great combination in religious western Ireland. She grew up in a totally alien and harsh environment. Her childhood was very strict and unloving and the only way she could escape the day to day discipline of work and school was to dream and fantasise. She escaped into her own world, as the feeling of alienation in her real life was so extreme. In her second children's home, Evon developed a passion for music and fortunately learned the piano. She used to sneak out at night and watch bands play and if they were caught they were made to stay up all night and go to school exhausted the next day. She left the school with twenty pounds and was sent to work in Dublin; this was her first taste of freedom! She soon landed on her feet and joined a band who toured Ireland. She later moved to London as a backing vocalist, for bands who travelled the world including Africa. Then she went to America, within a month she was living in Malibu next to her hero Bob Dylan but was totally miserable, so she moved to Santa Monica and started performing piano/vocals in clubs. It was here she found her true voice and started writing songs about Ireland and what it meant being Black and Irish and independent of parental ties. She began examining her own early experiences and the effects it had on her life. She returned to London two years later and started performing on her own and has since appeared at Fleadh in Finsbury Park and the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Out and about....spring in our step

Claire Wilkinson

Becks Johnstone

Marie Vermeulen

Grace Wasyluk

Tatchakorn Eummangko

So happy the season is changing. I feel we are still being teased by what might be.
My latest images for Vogue are now live if you would like to see more you can pop over on this link.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Out and about....parisian chic in the east end

Hard to believe that this is shot in the east end of London on one of my favourite streets, with one of my favourite people, as it has such a French flavour. It was wonderful to wander through the east end with Rosalind. We even made it up to Columbia Road market where Rosalind bumped into other bloggers she knew and was photographed again there by them. Rosalind is also posting her side of our story today so you can pop over to see her post by following this link.
In the pictures Rosalind is wearing a Beyond Retro vintage dress, her great-grandmothers jewellery, coat and Kangol beret from a charity shop and eBay heels.